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January 16th, 2012, 09:06 PM
I just wanted to let everyone know about my new Linux blog at http://linuxsmouse.wordpress.com (http://linuxsmouse.wordpress.com/), I'm still working on the site, but please head over there and vote for your favorite distro and leave comments.

Thank You All

January 16th, 2012, 09:48 PM
Voted for Xubuntu (other). Good luck with your blog.

January 17th, 2012, 01:02 AM
Thans so much for voting

Thank You All

January 17th, 2012, 01:11 AM
Kubuntu ATM

Good luck! My best advice is to find a topic, be consistent, and stick to it. I had (have) a blog, but pretty much nothing is going up because of my recent lack of time and ideas. Okay, maybe so much a lack of time as procrastination.

January 27th, 2012, 04:53 AM
yeah i kno;)w what you mean by lack of time