View Full Version : [ubuntu] Hardware Issues on Alienware m15x

January 14th, 2012, 06:41 AM
I have 11.10 installed on my laptop (which I got after Dell acquired Alienware, if that matters). It was a nightmare getting it to work and I actually had to install 11.04 and then upgrade it. I didn't notice until tonight, but there appear to be a few relatively minor problems.

First, the fans only spin (at least, loud enough to hear) during boot. They don't appear to scale up as the laptop gets hotter, which causes a steep rise in temperature after prolonged use. That didn't happen when I was running Windows 7, and therefore must have been introduced by the process of installing Ubuntu.

Second, the cd/dvd drive is not detected by the system. I can put in and eject cds and dvds. The drive spins, but nothing happens. I did some digging into that problem, and it turns out the device itself is simply not detected by the OS. It does, however, function during boot prior to Ubuntu loading up.

Reading through previous posts on this and other sites hasn't provided much insight into either problem. The cd issue is more pressing to me at the moment since I rarely have reason to leave my laptop running at high demand for days at a time (the one time in recent weeks that I did was the time excessive heat was generated without the fans kicking on). Anyone have a solution to this? I'm relatively new to linux, but the process of getting cxgames installed and all of my games working has left me with a pretty decent knowledge of using the terminal. If you need more information just tell me how to find it and I'll be glad to provide it.