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January 11th, 2012, 02:37 AM
Hi everyone and happy new year!

I'm IT of a School and i'm very interested on implementing School Tool (schooltool.org). I would be hosting it on a cloud server with the purpose of having it centralized and to become accessible to the teachers in their different centers so they can work with it no matter where they are.

From what i've read looks very good and powerful in customization but I have a few questions that i would be happy if they can be answered from anyone who knows or have worked with this before:

It is possible to print all the academic progress of the total number of students not by materia but for grades and assistance?

Can I create academic transcript?

Can I have the capacity to produce reports? (student list, grades, assistance, interventions, etc.)

How complex is to manage this software from a teacher view not so oriented to technology (basic things like word proccessing, graphics, tables, Internet research, and so on)

Excuse me for the language but english isn't my main language, it's spanish

Have everyone a wonderful day!