View Full Version : [xubuntu] KingSpec PATA SSD & 10.04 LTS

January 10th, 2012, 11:56 PM
I am thinking of purchasing one of these KingSpec SSDs for my laptop. I run Ubuntu LTS which does not support TRIM quite yet. Tho will be rolled out with a future kernel. But now I'm thinking, why wait to buy? As TRIM is not listed under main specs for these drives:


Do you think this is correct? Or should I wait for TRIM? [I guess the SSD will have some form of wear levelling other than TRIM.]


January 11th, 2012, 02:31 AM
PATA ssd drives don't have TRIM support and probably never will, so future updates are meaningless. But I'm sure it will breathe new life into an older laptop. Go for it.

January 11th, 2012, 02:39 AM
Thanks. They tested these with XP, also no TRIM support, so you are right. Will wait to see if price drops, they have some new SATA models coming out.