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January 4th, 2012, 11:29 PM
I recently have been looked at for a job in Web Hosting, though most of my expertise lies in hardware and networking. I am completely self-taught with no formal training or certifications, and I was hoping you guys would have a few recommended reads for me. Though I know you can find any information about anything online, I feel more comfortable and learn better when i have a physical book in my hand.

To give you a background of the job....

It is a Tier 1 Entry Position dealing with the web hosting back-end for a mid-sized hosting company.

They use cPanel for their front-end as well as back-end (for tech support).

I will mainly be dealing with the command line for most of my tech support duties...but i have also been asked to get familiar with MySQL, Apache/PHP, and Courier IMAP.

They run CentOS, not Ubuntu...all I'm familiar with is Ubuntu, so that has me a little worried...but not much.


So with all of that said, I know i have the aptitude for it....I just need to add to my knowledge. I have 2 weeks to construct a website using cPanel as well as know basic and more advanced functions in the command line...which until now, eludes me. I have used the command line whenever i needed to..but mainly by copying the "code box" on forum threads. The only understanding i really have with the command line is navigation, apt-get, updating repositories, and such. SO as far as the terminal goes...im a complete novice.

Guys! I really want to get this job and FINALY get my foot in the door of I.T. ...Turning my hobby into a profession. Please help in anyway you can, every little bit WILL help.Also if i was unclear about any of the requirements in the job please let me know and i will clarify to the best of my ability. TIll then! ~Rashhashan

January 4th, 2012, 11:30 PM
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