View Full Version : [gnome] Display a generated list of files in Nautilus style?

January 3rd, 2012, 04:25 PM
Long ago, in a totally different (green on black) computing world, I used a file-listing tool which could display a generated set of files, as well as the normal things a file lister would do.

If you typed the equivalent of filelist /some/directory it displayed all the files in /some/directory, as Nautilus does. But if you produced a list of filenames in a data file you would use the same utility, by typing, say, filelist -f that.data.file and it would bring up a display in its usual format but just containing the files whose names were contained in that.data.file. You could do all the normal file-lister actions from there, browse, copy, delete and so on. So if you had a script which produced a list of files you could use the file lister to look at the files, and do things to them.

Is there something similar in Ubuntu? My initial thought was that Nautilus contained this facility, hidden away somewhere, but I've searched diligently and not found it.