View Full Version : [ubuntu] dual monitor problem: one monitor has picture while the other can be interacted with

Ducky Freeman
January 2nd, 2012, 08:57 AM
I'll be honest, I haven't really searched for a solution, because I don't know what to search for. While trying to set up dual monitors, I restarted the x server. When the screens came back on, both showed a desktop, but then the left screen goes black and the right screen stays up. I try and click icons on the right screen, and they don't work. I realize that if I move the mouse to the left, even though the screen is black, I can see the pointer. And if I right click on the left screen, the menu pops up on the right screen. But I still can't interact with any icons, so I don't know how to get back into any settings to try and fix this. I already tried a reboot with no luck. Can I fix this without reinstalling?