View Full Version : Home Theater system recommendations?

December 28th, 2011, 03:27 PM
Anyone here have HT system?

I have HTPC and plan to buy and install Home Theater system soon, but not quiet sure what to get yet.

Can anyone recommend AVR or speakers that you use for your set up?

December 28th, 2011, 08:00 PM
Depends on your price range, but I've always had a soft spot for Klipsch (http://www.klipsch.com/home-theater-systems?&n=0&va=t&o=rprice).

December 29th, 2011, 09:02 AM
If your just getting into A/V equipment start out cheap. No I don't mean buy crap. Buy used. Stuff made 10-30 years ago is just as good, and the old stuff always looks cooler to me (I like dials). Sure you lose connections like HDMI or 5.1 sound but a decent stereo setup is just as good or better than some 5.1 setups.

December 29th, 2011, 09:10 AM
Our Sony TV is probably one of the last, if not the last TVs sold in my area with a CRT. Hooked up to it is a Tivo (connected to my home network, muted mutterings about the PC software I have for it being Windows only, but I can access the recorded programs via Ubuntu), a DVD recorder with HDD and a 10-year old sound system with 5.1 sound from Panasonic, but we don't have a separate boom-box for it.

December 29th, 2011, 04:45 PM
It's hard to make recommendations unless you tell us what your budget and priorities are.

December 29th, 2011, 06:26 PM
NAD, Yamaha, Onkyo, Rotel for a not so bottom of the range spec.
Pick your speakers to match your kit, you have to do listening tests. Monitor Audio, B&W etc are good brands.

Ideally we need to know your budget.

Home theatre is overrated imho, rather get yourself a decent stereo setup for music. My NAD/Mission HT system is all boxed up and lying in a closet somewhere while I listen to my 30yr old NAD 3020 stereo amp.

December 29th, 2011, 06:59 PM
Well, I been looking at some AVRs and seems like most of them at 300-500 usd price range... which is in my budget. I am just not sure which AVR is better buy.

I saw a Onkyo HT-RC360 on Frys for about $288. I also not sure what is difference between Onkyo HT and TX NR models, for example. But it could be an option.

I was also looking up reviews on some recent AVRs like Denon AVR-1912, Yamaha RX-V671, Pioneer VSX-1020-K, ONKYO TX NR709 and others.. they seem more on the pricier side, but not closed from my considerations. Only thing that I saw with them is that they seem to try to push AirPlay for iPod and other Apple products. And for me, it doesn't seem like something I would really need, even that I have an iPod.

I am probably will end up buying AVR and Speakers separately, that were I am leaning on now.

December 29th, 2011, 07:41 PM
I have a Denon AVR 1609 with Paradigm speakers and quite happy for the money spent. :D