View Full Version : Mythbuntu 11.10 fresh install - issues with FX5200

December 27th, 2011, 02:16 AM
I installed Mythbuntu and chose the S-video option and this worked but only on the s-video out. No display on connected VGA monitor. I fiddled around with xorg.conf and some of the command line nvidia stuff (I chose the proprietary nvidia driver) but couldn't get it to work. Thought I would just reinstall without TV out and use the graphical nvidia settings tool to configure for tv out to be clone of TV out (much easier to do upgrades, etc on the VGA monitor). Install didn't report any errors but when I booted it failed "Stopping automatic crash report generation" and hung after "Checking battery state".

xorg log shows some errors for "no device specified" and "no monitor specified" for default screen, "using a default monitor configuration". Then later "Failed to initialize the NVIDIA graphics device"...

I am a noob at xorg files. Was hoping to not have to learn all the details of this. Let me know what more to post for help. Some of the files are long.