View Full Version : [all variants] Is There an Application That Shows a Virtual Tree of the Files Stored on a Server?

December 22nd, 2011, 12:15 PM
I am looking for an application that on a local network works similar to ubuntu one but with some other features.

I have a huge ammount of files that are stored on a NAT in many different folders. The storage space on the NAT is bigger then the HD space of the computer used to manage the file, usually that is done with Nautilus (there are also some OSX and Windows user, but let's forget about them for the moment). A total replication of the NAT data on the users computer, similar to the ubuntu one system, is then impossible.

The users are not always connected to the NAT, so when they are offline they don't see the folder tree and the contained files stored on the NAT.

The solution I am looking must have the feature to show virtual tree and files in the file manager (for example Nautilus) even if the user is offline. A user can add a file to his offline virtual tree and once he connect to the NAT, the file is automatically copied to the NAT. Ideally, after a certain time the new created file should be automatically deleted to free the space on the users' HD, but its existance on the NAT is still showed by a virtual file.

Does it exist such an application?

Thanks for your help!