View Full Version : [ubuntu] Web browsers & privacy

December 17th, 2011, 05:19 AM
I just wanted to start a discussion that I hope will be of interest to someone other than me.

Is there *any* web browser out there that offers really good privacy and ad-busting controls? By "good," I mean effective, tunable, context-dependent, and relatively easy to use.

Take Firefox, for example. Sure, I can fine-tune preferences and install various add-ons to deal with individual privacy leaks and time-wasters:

Set restrictive history/cookie policies
Use RefControl to spoof referer headers
NoScript to control who gets to use JavaScript
AdBlocker to remove ads

But no matter which extensions I install, there is no way that I know of to configure Firefox to say, "Disallow all content from G. when it is embedded in other web sites, but allow it when I type G. into the address bar; except for static content from G. CDN, which should be cached locally for a long period of time." Or to, say, clear all cookies (including Flash cookies) and content belonging to a particular tab when I close that tab.

It just seems that the structure of web pages, including the privacy threats embedded in them, have evolved much faster than the available controls--yet it also seems that this need not be the case.