View Full Version : [ubuntu] Linux Ubuntu 11.10 Installation Errors.

December 17th, 2011, 12:06 AM
I really want to apologise for using your time especially if a thread regarding my problem has already been posted.

I've tried using both USB installer and unebootin to install Linux Ubuntu 11.10 to my laptop with no success. I've also tried two different usb models. I keep getting error messages whilst trying to do anything. When i try to boot from the usb an error messages reads " Sorry the program "ubiquity" closed unexpecdlty" when i try to install directly to the hardive an error message read "The installer encounted a unrecoverable error, a desktop seesion will now be run so that you may investigate" then it just shows a blank pink screen. Ive tried downloading Ubuntu 11.10 twice on to different windows based laptops directly from ubuntu.com. I wanted ubuntu because it looks and I've been told that it's not that different from windows a operating systems. My laptop is 4 years old, has a 1.8ghz AMD processor, 1gb of ram, 128mb vram and 40gb HDD. I know my hard drive is ok because I've used Linux puppy and successfully transferred it to the hard drive so I was able to boot without a usb. I've even tried using DBAN to wipe the hard drive clean in case puppy was interfering with Ubuntu. I've heard ubuntu is good at ps1 emulating and it also seems to be very popular and stable so it's my number one choice so long as it can be installed.

Would installing an older version be more appropriate?

Is this a common issues?

What would you recommend?

Thanks for anyone's time and help.