View Full Version : Using Thunderbird 8.0 w/dualbooting XP

December 15th, 2011, 08:24 PM
I recently installed Ubuntu 10.04 along side of Windows XP for my 80 year old father. He likes Ubuntu as it is fast and secure compared to XP. I also installed Thunderbird 8.0 into Ubuntu for him. I can download his emails and send them but the strange thing is if I open one to read it then close it all other emails I had downloaded are gone. They are not showing up in the trash or the junk folder not even in the archive folder. They are just gone. Also there is no record of the email that I sent in the sent folder. And all it was is an email addressed to myself to make sure all is working.
I am new to dual booting but have been using Linux for 2 years and never have I encountered anything such as this. My father uses Outlook to download his emails in windows would that have anything to do with this? Also I have the settings in Thunderbird set to leave the messages on the server after they disappeared the first time. I hope to eventually switch over to Ubuntu only and remove windows but I want him to be comfortable with it also. For the time being I have instructed him to only get his mail through outlook till I figure this out.

Has anyone else run into this, is there a work around?
Thanks in advance.

Frogs Hair
December 15th, 2011, 10:18 PM
I have not seen this with a Win 7 Ubuntu 11.10 dual boot . I use Tbird on both , but Win 7 has no default email client , so it could have something with outlook .