View Full Version : [SOLVED] Cannot grab, minimize or maximize window

December 9th, 2011, 02:26 PM

Just like the title says I cannot manipulate the windows. Every time I L-Click on it (whether I want to grab it, or click on minimize/maximize) it will minimize automatically.

This problem dissappears when I am opening a second window (but if I minimize the second the problem reappears) and after I log off&in.

I use Ubuntu 11.04 Natty (64) (Ubuntu classic view)

Before I wanted to hit submit I've tried one more thing that solved the problem permanently (it seems). I have deactivated A-desk app (every time I ctrl-alt-d the background dissapears so I guess the script stopes)

Well it seems that the problem was solved :D

But still, could there be a more logical explanation for this?