View Full Version : [ubuntu] Input from keyb and mouse is locked to one window

December 7th, 2011, 06:10 PM
My computer have been running Ubuntu since new, and now have Ubuntu 10.10

I have a mysterious desktop problem, that locks all mouse clicks and keyboard input to one window. I can move the mouse freely out of the window that "owns" the input, but I can not click to move focus to another window. The focus remains in the window that "owns" input. All keyboard input is directed to that one window.
My only resolve today is to reboot, but since the main menu bar is not responding, I have to use Alt-Ctrl-Del. Most of the times the lockup happen shortly after boot (2-3 min), other times after a longer period.

This is really anoying as you can understand, and I'm really hoping for a fix. I used to have "mouse-over" to change window focus, but turned it off... Compiz is disabled..

March 6th, 2012, 10:42 PM
I wish this issue could be addressed. I've had this problem for a long time with 10.10. It appeared i believe with 10.04, and I hoped an upgrade to 10.10 would solve it. The problem comes and goes, and sometimes appear after hours of work, other times right after boot.

I can move the mouse freely, but keystrokes and mouse clicks are sent to the one window that grabs and holds focus. Really annoying.

I have avoided 11.x, because of the Unity thing, and then I decided to do a re-install. Mint got so much press, so I went for Mint 11 (based on Natty), and for three weeks I was in heaven, until today.... I have read and tried everything that has been written about this and similar issues.