View Full Version : Is this a good / worthwhile software engineering degree to pursue? (syllabus attached

December 2nd, 2011, 05:08 AM
Principles of Management

Thinking Skills & Problem Solving

Introduction to Communication

Basic Concepts of Information Technology

Data Analysis & Modelling

Computer Programming

Discrete Mathematics

Data Structure

Database Implementation

Computer Architecture

Operating System

Object Oriented Approach in Software Development

Requirements Engineering

Software Architecture and Design

Object Oriented Programming

Software Engineering

Introduction to Networking

Web Programming

Human Computer Interaction

Software Quality Assurance

Information Technology Project Management

Introduction to IS Audit, Security & Control

Software Engineering for Realtime Systems

Change Software Management

Software Testing

Intermediate Java Progamming

Software Engineering Project

Software Construction

Management Information System

Current Trends in Computing

or I should just save the bucks and study on my own...?

thank a lot appreciated !