View Full Version : [ubuntu] Another 11.10 Black Screen Question

December 1st, 2011, 07:07 AM
I have a black screen problem with Ubuntu 11.10 that may be a variation on some similar topics raised here. This is with a Lenovo U350 notebook with wired connection to the internet. System description - Intel Pentium SU2700 CULV CPU, 2GB RAM, Intel X4500M integrated graphics. OS Ubuntu 11.10 32 bit (problem is identical on Mint 12 32 bit).

The installation was done using the option to download additional software and codecs at the same time. The screen blanked out at this stage and would not come back normally. Turning up the brightness did however restore it whenever this happened. The main problem started after the re-boot. During updates or installation of additional software the screen would blank out after the prescribed time and nothing could bring it back including upping the brightness. Ctrl-alt-f# and ctrl-alt-t also did not produce results. It is necessary to shut the machine down using the power button and then boot again to bring it back. All suspend and hibernate options in the UI are turned off and there are no proprietary graphics drivers installed.

This problem does not occur with Kubuntu 11.10, so it may be UI related. Does anyone have any suggestions?