View Full Version : [ubuntu] Testing out Ubuntu 11.10, and I need a GUI

November 23rd, 2011, 07:56 PM
I am currently testing out Ubuntu 11.10 in VMWare on my Windows based server, to see if I would like to make the switch to Ubuntu on my server.

So far I am happy to find Ubuntu is much less of a resource hog.

Here are my requirements.

-Be able to easily remote in (with a full GUI), from my Windows 7 machines, from both home, and work, to manage NZB, and Torrent downloads. (needs to run some variation of quickpar)
-Stream HD videos easily to a PS3
-Needs to have software available to easily encode MKV to MP2 (or be able to directly stream MKVs and MP2 to my PS3)
-Host my mumble server
-Host a virtual drive for my Windows PCs
-Be able to read my 6TB NTFS data storage RAID 1+0
-I would like it to support multiple concurrent users logged in at once, with there own desktop.

What would you recommend for Linux software that will help me accomplish this?

I have also been searching for a GUI for Ubuntu that would allow me to work it similar to Windows 7, and maybe still be Ubuntu branded. I found one online, but every time I try to install it, it tells me I need to log of, and log back in with a Gnome UI. I don't receive any such options when logging in, and the one I found looks like it tried to make everything look like 7, including the logos. I don't care about the aesthetics, as much as I do the functionality. Can anyone recommend anything to do to help me in that department?