View Full Version : [ubuntu] Black screen with Ubuntu 11.10 32/64bit and ATI 6750

November 23rd, 2011, 02:18 PM
Hi to all.
I posted a thread in the "Absolute beginner talk" section but I think now that this is the right section to post my problem and I don't know how to move it here.

I do a "sum":
This is my hardware:
Gigabyte Z68P-DS3
Intel i5/2500
ATI Radeon 6570

I used Unetbootin to put an 11.10 amd64 Ubuntu ISO from Ubuntu download page and I installed it, with the option for download updates checked.
The setup process was and I restarted as the system asked.
What I did get was a screen with about 10 pixels at the top where I could actually see the mouse moving, and the rest of the screen in black. The recovery mode gievs me this screenshot:
So I tried with 10.04 LTS version and I did get this:
Then I tried with 11.04 32 and 64 bit and I did get these:

I think that the problem is the 6570 graphic card but i'm a newbee of linux/ubuntu and i need your help.

I tried again with Ubuntu 11.10, 64 bit version.
Same results but now, the recovery mode gives me these three screenshots:

So I tried with Kubuntu 11.10 64 bit version: black screen with a 10 pixels strip on the top where I can see the top of mouse moving..

Thank you.

February 25th, 2012, 05:49 AM
I've got similar problems...