View Full Version : [all variants] multitouch trackpad/expose

November 18th, 2011, 05:20 AM
anyone know if any of the linux WM's support multitouch apple multitouch trackpads (or similar on PC's)..
.. e.g. matching the experience of snow-leopard 'expose+spaces' with multitouch gestures to trigger desktop switching & expose.
personally i don't like what apple have done with 'mission-control' so much but it seems linux could give you the best of both :)
the trackpad gestures are really intuitive for navigating, and IMO it's easier to use a trackpad+keyboard than mouse+keyboard (precision of hand-aiming when moving between text & pointing); similarly the trackpad is easier to remember than hotkeys.. it could probably be taken further too e.g. how about 3finger pinch while moving windows for resizing