View Full Version : [ubuntu] fresh/complete 11.10 installs but locks up on (re)boot

November 17th, 2011, 04:00 AM
hello, i am fairly new to linux, if played with it on friends computers before, etc.
i attempted installing it multiple times on a few different hard drives, from what i can see, after installing it(during which the "demo" version on the disc works 100%, i only have to turn acpi off when booting from disc, im using it right now in fact) after it attempts to restart to complete the installation, or when i allow it to boot from the hard drive where linux is, it goes to a black screen where only a cursor is blinking, my keyboard and mouse are unresponsive and i have to hold the power button down for around 15 seconds to shut it off...ive tried inputting commands in both the edit and command line in grub for both regular and recovery mode, no matter what i do/have done, it is exactly the same...

...edit: when attempting to boot into recovery mode, the last string of code it gets to is the acpi powerbutton [PWRB] string...hope that helps, sorry i dont know more :(