View Full Version : [SOLVED] Gui doesn't start completely (no launcher)

November 13th, 2011, 08:35 AM
First off, I tried searching first, but I only got "gui does not start at all".

I'm new to Ubuntu, and after installing updates as requested I ignored the restart prompt and restarted 10 minutes by just selecting restart from the regluar shutdown prompt. Ubunutu restarted, I logged in and I have no launcher, nor the icons I normally expect in the black bar on the top right.

I was just far enough with Linux to start a terminal through the ubuntu shortcut and from there type in "firefox". So at least I can search/ask how to start my gui can be reset to normal!

November 13th, 2011, 08:46 AM
I thing your problem is covered here


November 13th, 2011, 11:26 AM
Thanks, that solved my problem. I did add a post because I couldn't get it working as it was described there. http://ubuntuforums.org/showpost.php?p=11452263&postcount=44