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November 12th, 2011, 07:35 PM
if you have not noticed, this is my ubuntu master thesis....
check it out and share it with your friends =)

i just got a computer from my sister and it needs some tweaks. the browsers while great, needed some extra goodies and i found myself digging for some of them. i use stylish, ad block plus, no script, and firebug.

firebug 4 sea monkey


firebug 4 firefox


no script 4 seamonkey


no script 4 firefox


ad block plus 4 seamonkey


ad block plus 4 firefox


stylish 4 seamonkey


stylish 4 firefox


seamonkey add-ons for firebug took me about an hour to find... the laptop i got only has 1 gig of ram and firefox regularly crashes and chews it all up, where seamonkey behaves a bit better.

stylish makes it so i can make websites black background night mode, but my scripts are also easily adjustable for background / foreground colors. if black background and white text does not contrast well for your eyes you can adjust the scripts to #xxxxxx numeric values to change the foreground back ground and highlight sections to what ever you like...

ad block plus is great, filters out tons of advertisement garbage....

no script is also great, but a pain to set up... once you white list sites you regularly use, it filters out the garbage by default. you can right click blocked elements and temporarily enable them also. again, less garbage on the net, more bullet proof browsing experience....

and firebug, this tool is for web development, i use it to build my user style scripts to find what element is doing what in the CSS and back end of the web pages.

i found a theme that reminded me of old mozilla 1 series icons..... i dug around and found more.

foxscape for firefox....


seazilla for seamonkey.... (this ones more accurate than the firefox version of the theme but both are totally heavy metal)

browser behaviors seem appropriate here....

in the url bar put


and press enter to access hidden settings. i find myself setting these to....

browser.urlbar.default.behavior #set value to 2 to quickly browse through your bookmarks. 1 is history, and 0 is history and bookmarks.

general.autoscroll #set this value to true to make mouse 3 (wheel pressed down button) to lock scrolling on and off.