View Full Version : Update Problems

November 5th, 2011, 04:22 AM

I have been using Mythbuntu since 10.10 and I just love it. I am living abroad and my cable provider doesn't offer an EPG or PVR so it is nice to build one. I am just having some update problems and hope someone can help me.

I tried to update to 11.04 but I was having the same problem as I am now and hoping we can solve this. I believe it is a hardware issue but the setup worked in 10.10. MythBackend detects my video card but when I scan for channels it detects every channel, which is wrong. After completing setup I can go to the Frontend and watch Live TV on the starting channel but when I attempt to change channels it gives me a Error opening jump program file. I can start on any channel that is a known good channel and it will be fine until I attempt to change the channel.

I have tried to delete all the channels and add only two known channels because some said the issue is having channels with no signal in the channel line-up. It still gives me the same error.

Hope someone can help.