View Full Version : [ubuntu] HP G-62 Heating Problem In Ubuntu 11.10

November 4th, 2011, 01:04 PM
I have recently installed a fresh copy of Ubuntu 11.10. Here is a the explanation of my problem.

I have a dual-boot system comprising of Ubuntu 11.10 and Windows on separate partitions. I have compared the performance of my laptop in both the environments and I was disappointed at how my laptop generates heat when using Ubuntu. I have compared the performance by applying equal workload in both the environments which includes:
light word processing, music, movies, heavy internet browsing, etc. All these activities are managed by windows quite efficiently where my laptop remains relatively cool and doesn't trigger thermal shutdown at all. While the same laptop generates extensive heating and thermal breakdowns when working in Ubuntu.

I would like to signify that all the aforementioned activities cannot be regarded as some heavy neck-crunching activities and I expect Ubuntu to perform well on this. And being a Ubuntu fan, I don't want to limit my Ubuntu experience to Desktop but want it in my portable life and this is the reason I am looking for solutions for sometime now.

I have used PowerTop for sometime to tweak Ubuntu but was not satisfied with its performance.

Now is there any solution for my problem? Any software to tweak Ubuntu in order to optimize my laptop performance? Any tips and tricks are highly appreciated?

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