View Full Version : Need a guide? Have a guide? Post on AskUbuntu.com!

November 3rd, 2011, 02:24 PM
As an more efficient method to keep guides up to date and accurate the Mythbuntu team has moved guides to AskUbuntu.com (http://askubuntu.com/questions/tagged/mythbuntu). Feel free to ask questions there or post guides.

When creating a guide, don't forget to tag it 'Mythbuntu' and 'MythTV'

Also, when creating a guide over there don't forget to make it Question:Answer(Guide). The guide needs to be the answer. For the question, it should be whatever the guide is trying to answer/accomplish.

Why are we moving to AskUbuntu.com?

The single forum post with all the guides is difficult to keep up to date and requires manual intervention from the Mythbuntu forum moderators (Mythbuntu developers). There isn't a automated way to take care of this. Moving to AskUbuntu.com for this enables us to have a auto-generated list of Mythbuntu/MythTV related guides.

There also aren't enough resources to review each guide and verify it is up to date with the current Mythbuntu release (or better yet, verify it is tagged with the proper Mythbuntu version.) Further, some guides require certain hardware and/or locale requirements that the developers do not have. Moving to AskUbuntu.com allows the community to vote/edit posts to ensure that the content is relevant and the good guides rise to the top.