View Full Version : [ubuntu] HP 630 Laptop Ubuntu Blanks-Out Lock-Out

November 2nd, 2011, 04:13 PM
In a quandary: I buy new Laptop: HP 630 with Intel i3, 4G+4G Ram 500HDD preloaded WIN7 pro. I install Ubunto latest 11.10, works great. Sadly miss "Applications, Places, System". Have to learn new "Lenses" system, can be done I hope. I use system for a few days loading all the software you give me, going great guns. Then one day I turn on, Win7 or Ubuntu, choose Ubuntu, blank screen for-ever and a day, until [Ctrl-Alt-Del]. Every try is the same. I thing installing G-Partition package is to blame. Maybe I insisted on installing Ubuntu 11.10 amd64. Win7 is OK.
Then I upgraded 4G Ram = 8Gig. Windows crashed constantly. Replace 4G ram module. I then reinstalled Win7 pro from Factory Rebuild, New clean system. Again reinstalled Ubuntu 11.10, (I think: amd64) goes great. Load load a packages, but not "G-Partition" (1st in your list of recommended). Goes great. then load G-Partition, I did run it just to see what it looked like. Next power-on, Blank Screen. What the Heck!!!?
Power-on, menu: Windows 7 or Ubuntu, Select Ubuntu, menu: Ubuntu, Ubuntu Recovery, select Ubuntu, Get Blank Screen, until [Ctrl-Alt-Del]. or select Ubuntu Recovery etc, I get Loading Ubuntu..., then Loading Ramdisk...., then nothing no [caps-lock light on-off], until [Ctrl-Alt-Del].
I have now un-installed Ubuntu through Win Control panel. But how can I reinstall. It menu says, Remove Windows or Something Else. In Something Else I get to choose a partiton, whatever I choose I get, "Error, No Root Partition" etc.
In Ubuntu, I have no smart moves of my own. You always surprise me with moves from the hip!
Should I get a clean the system (again) in Factory Reset, try again. This time ensure Ubuntu 32-bit and stay away from G-partition!
Thanks for all, so far, Cheers, Robert Drury