View Full Version : [ubuntu] Canon Printer RGB/CMYK? ...and Grey?

November 1st, 2011, 06:04 PM
For my Canon iP4300 printer in Ubuntu 11.04 I have the choice of 2 drivers - Cups-Gutenprint (5.2.6-1ubuntu1) or Canon's own (cnijfilter-ip4300 v.2.70-3 etc).

Printing via the Canon driver, I notice the color model is RGB with no other option.
I also notice that real greys are produced as a mixture of colored dots, which sounds expensive.

Using Gutenprint, I have to select color mode CMYK or KCMY to get decent colors.
In those modes, greys are just black dots, which sounds cheaper.
Selecting either RGB-Color or CMY-Color option produces unacceptable muddy colors.

Can anybody throw any light on these findings?
Does it make sense I have to select different color models for different drivers?
Which should I expect to select for this printer, which has 5 separate (Cyan/Magenta/Yellow/Photo-Black/Pigment-Black) cartridges?
Should the Canon driver mix true grey from CMY?
Can I persuade it to just use Black for that?
Is the cost difference significant?
When should/does it use the big Pigment Black cartridge (just for B&W-only documents)?
How can I check that it does?

Thanks for all comments!

November 2nd, 2011, 06:38 PM
Here are samples (printed on cheap plain paper & scanned at 4800dpi) of my rough print test card, which has 4 circles, 3mm diameter, the 4th one being Gray 20%.

Cups/Gutenprint at 600dpi:
Canon at 600dpi:
Canon at 1200dpi
Note the gray circle, which Gutenprint does as coarse black dots & Canon does as fine colored dots.

Also note the regular, but false, black dots before & after circles in Gutenprint.