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November 1st, 2011, 04:21 PM
A couple days ago running Kubuntu 10.04 on a Dell Optiplex 780, while in the midst of changing CDs that I was ripping music from, I was alerted that the optical drive (DVD - R/W) was in use by another application. I searched around, found nothing using the drive and opted to halt the offending application, which if I remember correctly was audio-kio or something. I realize now that was probably a stupid move. The drive now doesn't respond in any way. The activity light flashes continuously. Curiously, it remains in this state whether I'm running Kubuntu or Windows.

examining the contents of /dev ....

:/dev$ ls
adsp disk hidraw1 loop4 net psaux ram14 ram9 sda3 sg1 tty0 tty17 tty25 tty33 tty41 tty5 tty58 tty9 usbmon3 vcs3 vcsa4
audio dri hpet loop5 network_latency ptmx ram15 random sda4 shm tty1 tty18 tty26 tty34 tty42 tty50 tty59 ttyS0 usbmon4 vcs4 vcsa5
block dsp input loop6 network_throughput pts ram2 rfkill sda5 snapshot tty10 tty19 tty27 tty35 tty43 tty51 tty6 ttyS1 usbmon5 vcs5 vcsa6
bsg ecryptfs kmsg loop7 null ram0 ram3 root sda6 snd tty11 tty2 tty28 tty36 tty44 tty52 tty60 ttyS2 usbmon6 vcs6 vcsa7
bus fb0 log lp0 oldmem ram1 ram4 rtc sdb sndstat tty12 tty20 tty29 tty37 tty45 tty53 tty61 ttyS3 usbmon7 vcs7 vga_arbiter
char fd loop0 mapper parport0 ram10 ram5 rtc0 sdb1 stderr tty13 tty21 tty3 tty38 tty46 tty54 tty62 urandom usbmon8 vcsa zero
console full loop1 mcelog pktcdvd ram11 ram6 sda sequencer stdin tty14 tty22 tty30 tty39 tty47 tty55 tty63 usbmon0 vcs vcsa1
core fuse loop2 mem port ram12 ram7 sda1 sequencer2 stdout tty15 tty23 tty31 tty4 tty48 tty56 tty7 usbmon1 vcs1 vcsa2
cpu_dma_latency hidraw0 loop3 mixer ppp ram13 ram8 sda2 sg0 tty tty16 tty24 tty32 tty40 tty49 tty57 tty8 usbmon2 vcs2 vcsa3
It seems to me that my cdrom drive is no longer available as a device. The optical drive was never mounted by fstab, only hard disks and some SAMBA shares are in there.

Have I nuked my optical drive or what?? I've read on some other forums that checking the cables inside is a good idea, but I can't imagine they've come loose, as I've never had the case open. I'd greatly appreciate any direction you might be able to point me in to get this resolved...

Thanks for reading.

November 2nd, 2011, 06:25 AM
Does your BIOS still detect the cd drive? If not, your drive probably went bad.

- Red

November 15th, 2011, 08:23 PM
Thanks for the reply. My BIOS did, recognize the drive though wasn't happy with it. What I did was shut down the machine with plug pulled for about 15 minutes. After starting up again, all was normal.