View Full Version : Cursor freezes, keyboard switches at startup, theme changes on 11.10 (on an EEEpc)

November 1st, 2011, 03:42 AM
I have a handful of problems that I suspect are related.

My cursor will freeze randomly during normal use. The only way to get it working again is to restart the computer. How do I deal with this?
I tried to set the only keyboard layout on my computer as English (Dvorak). But at startup, the keyboard is Dvorak International. How I prevent this from happening?
Sometimes my UI doesn't have the same theme as before--usually for a couple seconds at a time. The theme switches to something much boxier that I don't recognize. Also--maybe "theme" isn't the word I'm looking for. Anyone know what's happening?

I don't know if these things are connected, but they all started happening after I switched to 11.10.

Thanks in advance!