View Full Version : Suggestions on University Final Year Project title

October 31st, 2011, 02:40 PM
Hello Ubuntu Forum,

I'm a final year University student and my degree title is Business IT.
I need to do an individual project and am wondering if I can do something with Opensource (or Ubuntu).

The reason why I'm posting this here is my University doesn't give much help when choosing a project title.
(It's annoying cause there are loads of Universities out there that have database of project titles for students to choose from...but hey, whant can I do eh)

As a Business IT student, my IT development skills are quite limited.
I know VB.NET for programming (not sure if it's a good idea mentioning this here but anyways...); have done fair amount of SQL (Oracle iSQLPlus and MySQL) and some web development skills...have done fair amount of PHP and a little bit of JavaScript and AJAX.
To sum it up, as much as I want to be a programming geek, my skillset is pretty whacky. I genuinely want to do a software or build project but given my situation, I think I'll be forced to do a study or research-based project.

Anyway, could I please ask for some suggestions on project ideas or titles? Anything is better than nothing, I guess. I'm not creative at all, in this case, so pretty desperate.

Thank you very much.