View Full Version : [ubuntu] Acer E560 Desktop problem with video card

October 31st, 2011, 01:53 PM
Hello There!

Good Day to all.

Iam new to ubuntu. I have to experience. This is my first time using the OS, so please bear with me.. :)

I have a Acer E560 Desktop with upgraded Ram to 2g and a video card HD 3650 ATI Radeon 512mb ddr3.

Im new to ubuntu. I just downloaded the 11.10 installer from the site and burned it to my blank cd. I formatted my entire Hard Disk so that ill be using ubuntu only. Previously I had Windows 7 Ultimate Installed.

So After installation, i downloaded the extras via the additional drivers in the system settings i think. It downloads everything else including the driver for my video card. On the driver for my video card, it asks me to activate 2 drivers, the post release, and the non post release. When i download the post release driver, it says it could not complete due to incompatible something.. cant remember the exact message. Then when i download the non post release, it installs then asks my computer to restart. I restart my computer and poof, i get a screen "Input not Supported on my Monitor. How do i fix this? currently im stock in this scenario..

Any help would be nice.. :)
BTW. my CPU has a built in Video something from radeon, it is the x200 ATI express something. Should i just use the built in from ATI? or can i make my video card work for ubuntu?