View Full Version : [ubuntu] Evolution email - ubuntcu and xp

Denver Dave
October 31st, 2011, 09:18 AM
I've been deciding which email system to use and have been looking at Evolution, the default with ubuntu.

Somehow, I got the bright idea that I'd install the windows version on my XP PC. Partly to gain more experience and partly because I use Outlook Express and my mom uses windows live mail with Windows 7 and it is hard for me to answer questions.

Anyway, it is pretty obvious that the windows version of Evolution is not like the ubuntu version, so I'm removing the program. Removal runs for a very long time under XP, so I thought I'd do a post. Did finally finish.

Wonder about Thunderbird if that might be more similar across platforms?

Any others in similar situations?

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Thunderbird went in easily under XP, will try ubuntu when its not so late, but looks interesting and some of the addons may give Evolution like features, if available for ubuntu.

Will post back
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Heck now I'm curious - installed Thunderbird on ubuntu - looks like the XP version which is good. Have to look at more carefully, seems awkward to add contact to addressbook and one line per To: seems strange.

Wonder about addons - if available in both ubuntu and windows - will try.