View Full Version : [kubuntu] HP Touchsmart tm2-2150us: lid-closing issues

October 31st, 2011, 01:04 AM
Strange things happen when I close the lid to turn off the screen.

Often when I open my lid after spending a while with it closed, I find things like random windows open that I didn't open, and QuickSand (KDE's version of GNOME's Alt-F2 shortcut) will pop up pretty much every single time I leave my screen closed for a few minutes. If I just close it and open it again, nothing happens. Whatever happens takes time to show up. Today my computer actually shut down all by itself when the lid had been closed for an hour. I heard that KDE shutdown noise and then my computer stopped running, and I opened it to find it had shut down. Needless to say this has now become an extremely serious problem.

I have no idea what's causing this. My first guess is that the touch screen doesn't turn off when the actual screen does, but that still wouldn't explain how things like QuickSand launch (I don't have any mouse gestures or anything like that enabled). The other things that launch are generally things that could be accessed by touch screen malfunction, such as taskbar applets and other such shortcuts. We can rule out the problem having anything to do with software, as this current partition was copied over from my last laptop, which did not have this problem.

The first plan of action to solving this riddle would be to turn off my touch screen and close the screen for half an hour, and see if anything happens. The issue is Google doesn't have any answers for turning off my touch screen.