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October 29th, 2011, 07:07 PM
I'm attempting to build a mediaserver using the 10.4LTS edition and I've almost got everything sorted (after 3 weeks of hair pulling).

I still can't get my network media player to see the samba shares, although my Windows PC can read and write to them and the media player can see the Windows shared folders.

The other problem at the moment is trying to install twonky server as the main config file isn't there.

If I can't sort this out soon then I have two options.

1. A divorce.
2. Switch to Windows and the world of pain that will bring in converting the drives back to ntfs.

Any help or suggestions pleaseeeeeee?


A very harrased Steve

October 30th, 2011, 12:38 AM
Samba i can do, the other i cant

There is an excellent samba guide on the ubuntu wiki, however

First in your etc/samba/smb.conf on the server you need to create entry such as this

guest ok=no
read only=no
create mask=0755
directory mask=0755

Then basically make sure samba and smbd-demon and nbmd-demon (cannot remember the names of those 2, check the faq) are installed and running

Then in your client assuming you dont want to be secure, you want to install cifs-utils package and put entry in the /etc/fstab and make the/media/whatever folder.

//server/share_name /media/whatever cifs user=xxx,password=xxx,uid=xx 0 0

(btw this is the INSECURE WAY, the FAQ has better way)

make sure your user account on your machine also exists on the server, and that it can read the share, and that the uid=xxxx matches on both boxes

Also make sure you put your server name into your hosts file on the client just so you can see it

e.g. if the server is name Fred and is then put "fred" in your /etc/hosts on the client

It's all a bit of hack and as secure as a sieve, but it will connect.

And check out the 10.04 LTS samba faq in the ubuntu wiki

Not my fault if you get wrecked by hackers though :) The FAQ explains it a lot better.

October 30th, 2011, 12:46 AM
For your shares issue try this:


For the twonky server I can't help you I'm afraid.

October 30th, 2011, 01:56 AM
Cheers guys for the suggestions.

1. I've sorted the Twonky problem.

2. I'm still getting nowhere with the shares problem. I've been searching for a solution to this for days :( . I'm totally new to this so I'm really struggling as to even if I'm heading in the right direction. I'm thinking that it's a permissions problem somewhere, be it Ubuntu or Samba.

I'm sorry I should have been a bit more explicit with my explanation.

1. My Windows PC can read and write to the shared folders on the Ubuntu box so samba appears to be working ok.

2. This is the problem one, my network media player reports "No Shared Folders" when I select the Ubuntu box although it can see the shared folders on the Windows PC. This box (think of it as a networked DVD player) has no option for entering user names or passwords.

Because of the above ie. Windows can see Ubuntu shares, samba is working. Media player can see Windows shares but not Ubuntu shares. Either samba doesn't do something that Windows does or I have a permissions problem somewhere.

I tried to follow a cifs howto but I couldn't get that working at all.

I'm not particularly bothered about security as the Ubuntu box is behind the routers firewall and it isn't used for anything other than storing media files (ala NAS) so it doesn't contain anything sensitive so it doesn't matter if it's as open as a very open thing.


//server/share_name /media/whatever cifs user=xxx,password=xxx,uid=xx 0 0
The bit I don't understand is "/share_name/"

October 30th, 2011, 02:29 AM
You are trying to get some kind of custom video appliance to work with your Ubuntu server? Or you are trying to get an Ubuntu PC to work with it?

Can you let us know specifically which device it is? Someone here might have one.

What does the device say about its compatiblity?

October 30th, 2011, 02:44 AM
It's an Edimax ma-2000 digital media player. Basically yes, it's a networked appliance.


October 30th, 2011, 04:28 AM
I had a look at their website, ironically the box is a mini-LINUX machine. I can't see anything in the manual about why it won't work but I do note they have new firmware for it, dated 2009. You might have to contact them, or perhaps start a new thread with the title of the box so that other owners of it can see it.


I would the NETWORKING & WIRELESS subforum on here. There's a lot of appliance owners in it.

October 30th, 2011, 01:31 PM
Thanks for all the suggestions and help people.

I could do nogoodnamesleft as I did tack a post on the end of an existing thread which got me some help from Morbius and a couple of others. But like you say it wouldn't hurt to go right in with a meaningfull thread titlte in the hope that someone else has allready had to deal with this.