View Full Version : [ubuntu] Installation Problem Black / purple screen, "conflicts with video ROM"

October 28th, 2011, 11:39 AM
I´m currently using Win 7 on my Laptop and would like to install Ubuntu, having nearly no experience with linux.
I´ve tried it with wubi, DVD and USB stick but no way worked (OpenSUSE doesn´t work either).
There are different things that happen:
- purple screen when booting after a wubi installation. There are no icons, just the purple screen and no matter what I do (tried all the keys that are usually suggested like ctrl+alt+F1, esc, every F, even ctrl+alt+del doesn´t do anything) there ist no reaction until I turn the Laptop off.
- black screen with no reaction at all when installing from USB
- when trying to install with nomodeset, pci=nocrs, acpi_backlight=vendor or anything else I found in the internet so far there is the attempt of installing (ubuntu starts loading, openSUSE initialises the kernel) but then many lines of text appear and finally it freezes at
"address space collision: host bridge window [mem dx 000cc000-0x000cffff]conflicts with video ROM"

Can anyone help me getting the OS on my laptop?
I would like to keep the actual installation of windows so the wubi version would be perfect...

Toshiba Satellite L650
Turion II dual core 2x 2,3 GHz 64bit
Radeon 5650