View Full Version : Won't Install / Load

October 23rd, 2011, 03:52 PM
OK, so when I go to boot Ubuntu off my USB drive the screen goes black with a blinking "_" sign. Occasionally on boot it will flash a single line of text for a millisecond - I think it says something about "linux ...." I have made sure that both in the BIOS the USB drives are set to run first, and also have been hitting F9 to change my boot order when I turn it on.

What happened earlier: I had dban'd my netbook earlier because the Windows partition got messed up somehow, I tried to reinstall Windows using the recovery partition, which managed to destroy both Windows and my previous version of Ubuntu, so I figured, might as well completely wipe my computer since nothing was working. When I say nothing was working I mean I would get stuck on a recovery partition screen and when I changed the boot order it would skip over my USB drive and go back to the recovery part. But now I'm back at square one with a messed up HD and a netbook that refuses to load Ubuntu

I know I installed the USB right (went to pendrivelinux site, download the netbook remix iso, installed the USB installed for netbook remix and formatted my flash drive).

So what do I do - am I doing something horribly wrong? Any help would be greatly appreciated. If it helps its an HP Mini 210