View Full Version : New software for Ubuntu, Mandriva and Fedora

Ferdinando II
October 22nd, 2011, 06:05 PM
Hi, new software is available for Ubuntu.
It is a chemical calculation software for schools and for the first year of university.
I am looking for beta testers.(contact me openchem@libero.it )
The sofware is available in English and Italian.



Azeotrope is a software capable of performing chemical calculations :

Currently performing at:

1) Density of ionic solids

2) Enthalpy of formation of ionic solids

3) Aqueous solutions

4) Kps & S

5) Gas

6) Lattice energy of ionic solids

7) Aid to the stoichiometric calculation

8) pH of acids, bases

9) Buffer solutions

10) Optical rotation of chiral molecules

11) Osmotic Pressure