View Full Version : [ubuntu] Cleaned the drive, Installation crash all the time

October 21st, 2011, 02:33 PM
Hey guys

It seems my laptop is doomed to be a Windows XP computer.

Installed Ubuntu 10.04 half a year ago without any problem. Played around a little and It's been working quite well except from some video and mouse issues.

The ubuntu hdd partition was running low yesterday so i cleared the hdd using ubuntu. Wiped away xp too etc.

Ubuntu Installation crashes, saying nothing else but some error5/IOerror5, telling me either it's hdd being too warm, or cd-lense dirty. This error appear when the actual installation begins.
I installed through USB-pen, CD, different ubuntu versions on both, tried all different combinations but still getting the same unknown error!

I ran some disk check in ubuntu but it says my hdd is fine...

Yesterday before formatting computer ubuntu worked as normal, after formatting it's impossible to install ubuntu. What's going on!

Using a dell latitude e5500 btw.

Solution: Create bootable USB-pen using chinese uber computer. Installation problem fixed.