View Full Version : [ubuntu] Keyboard problems - characters stuck in buffer?

October 20th, 2011, 01:04 PM
I have a very strange problem, it isn't system wide and I can only find two similar problems after googling - and they had no answers.

The problem occurs in Scribus, a desktop publishing package. I reported the problem over there, one admin said it wasn't a problem for him and now there are have been no responses to my further updates, so I am hoping someone here can help.

The problem is that I type into a certain window, a text editor, and no text appears on the screen. I close the editor window, and then whatever keys I then press, the 'missing' characters seem to come out of the keyboard buffer.

For example, I open up the editor and want to delete a line so I press 'delete'. Nothing happens. I close the editor, and the text frame is still highlighted. Whatever key I press next, 'delete' is what actually comes out of the keyboard buffer and Scribus deletes the text frame.

If the key I had pressed was a cursor up arrow, the text frame moves up.

If I type text directly into the text frame, characters come out very slowly, maybe one every half a second. After a while, they stop coming out altogether, or I see only every other character, so "here is some text" might actually show up as "he smext"

If I press backspace, guess what? I don't get a backspace, I get whatever characters are stuck in the keyboard buffer. Then I eventually get a backspace.

It's as if something is stopping the keyboard buffer from flowing naturally into whatever I'm doing in Scribus, until I stop it and try to do something else.


And is it a keyboard hardware problem?

I thought so at first, when I plugged in another keyboard and it worked... the first 3 times I tried. Then it stopped.

If I unplug the keyboard (USB) and plug it back again, the problem goes away for about 3 editing attempts, then it's back.

I also tried the OnBoard on screen keyboard to rule out a hardware problem. Same thing happens.

I'm at my wits end because my job depends on using Scribus, and right now it is becoming completely unusable, I have to all my text editing somewhere else as all I can do is copy & paste.

Any ideas? Anything at all? Even just a vague recollection? A direction to point me in? Something that you don't think is the answer but might be worth a try?


Many thanks...