View Full Version : [ubuntu] Installation problems: screen goes "dark"

Marc Bosch
October 19th, 2011, 05:25 PM
Hello Everyone!

I've been using Fedora 14 for some months, but I've decided to go back to Ubuntu, which I had already used in my computer with no problems.

Thing is, I've made the live CD (32-bit version) and run it, but the screen looks as if it had no light. You can see something, but it's very difficult. So I've decided to install it, thinking that it was a problem of the live CD, and that, once installed, everything would be OK. It has not happened. I've tried with a 64-bit version and the result was the same. Then I've run a Live CD of LinuxMint Debian (32-bits) and it was "dark" again. Right now I've reinstalled Fedora and there was no problem at all.

Why do you think this has happened? Can you give some advise?

Thanks a lot.