View Full Version : [ubuntu] bad video driver installed- how to get rid of it?

October 19th, 2011, 07:16 AM
Hi all,

I had good running system of v10.04 Ubuntu on my old Acer TravelMate 630 laptop (about 8 years old) for months. Then I upgraded to v11.10 via Update manager and it went like charm. After that, I played with system tweaking, just trivial things like screensaver lock and wallpaper, until I "discovered" the option "Adding hardware driver" or something like that.

I let Ubuntu scan my system and it came back with a proprietary, but recommended Nvidia driver. Since my video play and flash rich sites was terribly slow, I hoped to get any improvement by installing something else than generic video driver.

Yes, I thought of my very old Nvidia Mobile2Go graphic card and 2GHz Pentium 4 as possible reason for not very responsive machine, but...

Anyhow, I let the system update my graphic card driver and it turned out it was a big mistake. After reboot I could not get into my X server anymore. Furthermore, I cannot get to console neither. Only scrambled screen.

I read a lot of postings in this forum about similar issues, tried many possible solutions, but none gave relief. I suppose, the main problem is, that I have only wireless Internet connection on my laptop and that is not active when I am in GRUB. I got to console after GRUB, but no command worked in it.

One thing more, I can start Live CD without any problem, but don't know what then.

Please, before I install the whole system from the scratch only because of failure of bad video card driver, could anybody tell me how could I get rid of that bad driver without new install?

Perhaps I didn't found the right solution in the forum because couldn't find the right search word, so please give me the link to that post if there is such.

Thanks very much in advance!