View Full Version : [ubuntu] My 11.04 to 11.10 experience

October 16th, 2011, 01:13 AM
Original setup (listing the important usability factors for me):

Ubuntu 11.04 64bit upgraded from the one before all the way back to 8.something that was actually installed originally with other hardware. ;)

I stuck with gnome(I hate gnome 3 and unity)
Compiz with all kinds of tweaks and personalized keyboard setups
Nvidia graphics drivers


VirutalBox with windows XP installed

wine for Lego digital design

I got the upgrade distro popup so I checked it out to see ware unity was at since I last left it at the beginning of the 11.04 roll out. Doesn't look to have any new fetures that makes it any more usable on 2x24 inch screens. Checked to see if I could opt out like in 11.04, and the short answer is no (but with any linux distro, their is always a 'way'). Anyway decided I'd give unity another go to see if it grows on me or not so I can figure out what I'm going to do for the next LTS.

So on with it then pushed the upgrade button, and it took the better part of 2 1/2 hours to download and install everything but only had one popup for config file options dealing with audio. I choose replace after a quick review of the changes and didn't see any show stoppers.

Rebooted got all the way to the login screen tried to log into the admin acount and the screen goes black for a second and back to the login screen... Hmm thats odd. wrong password? Possibly try again same thing... hit the caps button try again I get red 'wrong password' warning so I figured I was right before... Log into the wifes account good to go. Hmm.. Figured had something to do with X so I removed the .Xauthority file using the terminal. This time it froze... ok reboot I guess.

Still getting a 'configuring network' message during boot up than the waiting '60 seconds for network configuration' that I got the first time but now just a black screen afterwords.................... crap... Google

nothing pointing exactly to this problem but I figured I'd fix the network issue since I was able to find that.

Network issue fix was to copy and sim link var/run to run and var/lock to /run/lock.

Reboot..... and..... YAY login screen again sweet. Log into admin count... nothing. No blink no locking up just nothing when I hit enter.. Hmm well removed the .Xauthority file again login and finally working.

Takes awhile to get used to the interface but at least I can open folders and such easily. Compiz settings are gone as expected, wine booted up did a configuration thing for a second and Lego digital designer works as before.

Virtual box complained about USB 2.0 downloaded and installed the Orical VirtualBox extension pack and it's up and running like it was.

So all in all not what I would expect such refined product to put out but at the same time almost every upgrade I've done up to this point on this machine... more like hard drive, and my laptop (laptop goes back to late 6 to early 7) Every time I've had about the same experience and the best part has been for each of my issues I've been able to use Google, normally sending me to here, to find a quick fix.

Oh and so far unity still makes NO sense on 2x24 inch screens... but that's for another post I guess.