View Full Version : [ubuntu] Tips for incredible fast Ubuntu 11.1 after up from 11.4

October 15th, 2011, 06:26 AM
Update U 11.1 from 11.4 make new Ubuntu much slower than fresh install Ubuntu 11.1 from iso file because it will left many many trunk file. I spent nearly one hour to remove some packs (by open Ubuntu Store and chose remove):
Gwiber (use facebook on web is much better, gwiber has very limited function and it depends on facebook web much)
Seahorse (very few people use it, really)
Libre office math (i never use it, cause i hate math)
Thailland or some arabic or japanese... font
Bluetooth (my lap don't have)
Share document (i never use it)
Remote screen (i don't have lan network)
Jockey (i've install all driver and don't have any upgrade hardware plan)
Evolution, pitivi (i kept it), jantior (it may left after update)
Insert symbol icon
Font preview
:KS Gnome shell :)
Some adjust apps (i don't remmember it)
And many many more i can't remember :)

After remove, those will left some packs, which can't remove by normal. You can use Synaptic (if itsn't removed by upgrade), and see all list of install apps.
After that, choose synaptic pack in synaptic then click to remove it :)
Then press ctrl Alt F1, login and sudo apt-get clean, autoclean, autoremove and ctrl Alt F7 to comeback
Finally, restart :)