View Full Version : [kubuntu] dualboot problem vista-kubuntu 11.10

October 14th, 2011, 10:00 PM
Dear all,

I am a linux newbie and I think I have made a mistake during the installation of Kubuntu 11.10

I wanted to replace an old kubuntu 9.04 for 11.10 in my dualboot.
but instead of choosing to install kubuntu at SDA3 I have chosen SDA so I am afraid that when I restart my computer I will loose my partitions and data which I have now on my computer.

I have a Vaio with 320 GB hard disk and the partitions are like this:
8 GB Vista recovery (NTFS) - SDA1
50 GB Vista (C) (NTFS) - SDA2
-23mb empty space-
38 GB Kubuntu 9.04 (ext3) - SDA3
-16mb empty space-
200 GB DATA (Q) (NTFS) - SDA6

I inserted the data that I wanted to format SDA3 to ext4
but then for choosing the location of the installer I have chosen SDA

So what happens now if I restart my computer?
Do I loose the partitions above or is there a possibility that the situation of the partitions remains like above and that I can choose to install kubuntu on the SDA3?

I there a way that I can recover the situation? because I do not want to loose my Vista partition with data and programs (and I am not able at the moment to reinstall Vista and all my installed programs).
I would like just to have a dualboot Vista-Kubuntu.

What can I do best?
Thanks for any help!