View Full Version : [ubuntu] Ata1: EH complete, installing ubuntu

October 12th, 2011, 05:14 AM
I'm trying to dual boot Ubuntu with Windows 7. I've run into repetitious problems. The last couple paragraphs explain my current problem best so skip ahead to those and refer back to the others if you'd like.

I've tried a few times by using an installer (on the Ubuntu website) while on Windows. That didn't work because I would keep getting stopped after many hours of waiting. The error was something with permissions, which I could not find a way around.

It would seem like it installed most of the way so I would still restart and try to log on. After restarting I would be given the option of Windows or Ubuntu. When choosing Ubuntu I get the error "ata1: EH complete" repeating literally thousands of times with other lines of useless babble.

I would uninstall after every attempt until a last attempt where it no longer exists in my add/remove programs tray. I downloaded an uninstaller from Ubuntu and tried again to uninstall. After that I would only be able to see it when I restarted and saw it in that menu. It would say something like it's empty or missing info when I clicked on it.

After this I tried to USB install. I used a PNY 4 GB USB and followed Ubuntu's directions. It took forever but eventually installed onto the USB. After turning off and turning back on my computer with the boot setting of USB, it installed everything (I left for class for the day). When I got back Ubuntu was up and working, I proceeded to install updates. It said I needed to restart for the updates.

I restarted and now when I click on Ubuntu after startup it displays "ata1: EH complete" with other useless code in between for about 2-3,000 lines.

I gave up after a significant time and decided to reinstall again with USB. It displayed the 2-3,000 lines of repeating code/error message but then suddenly seem to go to the USB drive install. I'm in the process of continuing the install but if I restart and it happens again with the errors then what should I do?