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June 1st, 2006, 05:55 AM
New version of Ubuntu software coming

By PETER SVENSSON, AP Technology Writer 2 hours, 20 minutes ago

NEW YORK - A new version of the Ubuntu software package, a flavor of the freely distributed
Linux operating system, is due out Thursday.

Ubuntu 6.06, which will be released on CD and as a free download, includes a video interview with former South African President Nelson Mandela, who explains what "ubuntu" means. (It's an African expression that roughly translates as "humanness.")

Ubuntu, launched two years ago, has a reputation for being easy to use. Although Linux is used mostly for servers, Ubuntu is traditionally a desktop product. Canonical Ltd., the British company that puts out Ubuntu, said it has shipped millions of free CDs so far.

Canonical has 50,000 pre-orders for CDs of the latest version, nicknamed "Dapper Drake," according to spokesman Bill Baker.

Dapper Drake is the first Ubuntu release with a server version. It's also the first release for which Canonical will sell long-term support: up to five years for the server version, and three years for the desktop version.

Among other changes, Dapper Drake has a new graphical installer program.

Ubuntu 6.06 will be available for PCs with Intel and AMD processors,
Macintosh computers with PowerPC chips and Sun servers with Sparc processors.

Canonical is run and funded by Mark Shuttleworth, a South African Internet millionaire who paid $20 million for a trip to the
International Space Station on a Russian rocket in 2002.


June 1st, 2006, 06:00 AM
Worth mentioning that ubuntu.com has been updated as well...


I like the way this is laid out:


Looks friendly, professional, inviting, and just plain awesome.

Yes it's geeky, but it's been a long time since I've really looked forward to an OS release (and even more unusual since I've been using it for months anyway).

The reason being the philosophy behind it. Read as no DRM BS. It actually adds features that are useful and fun vs locking/restricting what you can do. I won't name names...

June 1st, 2006, 07:24 AM
I kind of liked the old site layout better, this one looks too corporate. The earlier layout looked, well, cool!

June 1st, 2006, 08:51 AM
Just goes to prove that there's no pleasing everyone..........ever.

Personally the slicker, the more "professsional" or ahem.."corporate" it is, the more acceptable by a wider audience it will become.

Just sign me "nottacounterculturelinuxuser". ;)

June 2nd, 2006, 03:02 AM
No, there isn't :(
Still...I guess I'll get used to the new look pretty soon.

June 2nd, 2006, 03:27 AM
Personally the slicker, the more "professsional" or ahem.."corporate" it is, the more acceptable by a wider audience it will become.

Just sign me "nottacounterculturelinuxuser". ;)
It's more than a matter of looks; there has to be efficient and organized execution. A lot of sites, distributions, etc. try for the look, but they're just a mess when it comes to getting the information you need.

Grown-ups don't have time to waste in pointless mysteries and reinventing the wheel. It's a quick-start world out there.