View Full Version : I have an idea for a sound interface...

October 6th, 2011, 10:02 PM
...but I need critiques and comments on if it's feasible with current technology as of today. Basically, what I want to do is the following...

1. put a bluetooth module on top of a modulation / receiver / trans-coding unit that sends data to the bluetooth module and receives data from the bluetooth module.

2. The bluetooth module would be set to accept incoming, and able to send outgoing, audio data only. (You'll see why in a moment) this would mean you'd have to strip this bluetooth module of its normal data streaming service, or, just go with an RF receiver I guess (that can go both ways between a synced RF receiver. But RF is lower quality than bluetooth in short distances I guess :V)

3. When you pair a bluetooth headset via an onboard button press, similar to the AOSS Network system or Logitech pairing system. The bluetooth module on the tiny trandcoder would pair with that headset indefinitely, and would not accept any other incoming audio data unless another pairing is done.

4. Then, you place this bluetooth / trans-coder system onto an integrated motherboard unit that has lines going to the left and right of the transcoding unit with jack pieces coming down.

5. The jack pieces would then be inserted into the back of a computer for the bluetooth device to be powered (as headphones get power from these jacks.)

6. Once this system is powered, the audio data from the microphone could then be sent to the computer without the need of a driver, as the system already knows it's a headset.

Sounds kind of like Science Fiction....