View Full Version : [ubuntu] reinstalling ubuntu 11.04

October 4th, 2011, 07:32 PM
hi, I had problems with my ubuntu installation, so I tried to reinstall from the cd i had for ubuntu....it asks me first if i want to upgrade 11.04 to 11.04 or do a new installation. I selected new and I enter the time zone, and then come to the point where it asks me for the user-id, it does it's thing and then I get the message....REady when you are.....but only the back button works, the forward button is greyed out.
So, I turned off the computer and started again, this time, trying to upgrade 11.04 to 11.04 and it comes and stops at the exact same point.
I have it opened right now by chosing try ubuntu and from there I went in to install ubuntu 11.04 and I am at the window asing for allocate drive space....(I had windows vista also on the previous install) so there are a few partitions and I don't know which one to select to do this correct.
any help would be greatly appreciated.