View Full Version : [ubuntu] dell vostro 3550 ?

October 2nd, 2011, 09:31 PM
i just got a dell laptop with seven,
i made a bootable usb dongle with ubuntu 11.4 to set up a dual boot
i used this dongle on an other computer (my mother's ) and it works fine, ubuntu is up and running on her pc in minutes
but my dell, with same usb dongle, it just don't work
i have the ubuntu screen splatch, then screen resolution change,
the screen offer 5 choices : live session, install, check memory...as usual i suppose
whatever i choose, i get a black screen for a while, with this message :
error line 7, can't find a live..

so, what to do?
is it a special dell mother board feature ? if yes, do someone know a trick to overpass?
apologise for my broken english ;-)